Good Maintenance Is The Key

The average age of today’s vehicles on the road is 11 years. This is a direct reflection of motorists holding on to their cars longer than ever before. With this said good vehicle maintenance is primary to vehicle longevity and keeping passengers safe.

Do not neglect your car

It’s an easy thing to do not worrying about recommended maintenance on your car… Especially when you get in your car and it starts right up and purrs along its daily journey, heat working fine, brakes stopping when they have too and great acceleration. But then something catastrophic happens and there is an loud engine knock, or your car won’t go into reverse or perhaps all of a sudden there is a goo emanating from the motor compartment and leaking onto your drive way in huge gobs! This surely gets your attention but also your wallets attention! Everything can be avoided with good normal cost effective regular maintenance. Don’t neglect your car find a great auto service company here in GETYP.com, or local directories and keep your car, truck, boat, van or motorcycle well-maintained.

It will last longer, retain more of its resale value, pollutes less, and gets better mileage and safer to operate. Vehicle neglect causes components to wear out faster than they would otherwise and can result in minor problems growing into more expensive repairs. It’s a great idea whether you are do-it-yourselfers or take your cars to GETYP.com repair facilities, that you become familiar with your owner’s manual and follow the service schedules.
Some drivers relish maintaining their own family car using pats dealers and companies listed here in GETYP.com or because of the advanced technological advances under the hood and busier lifestyles find a dependable, trustworthy automotive service and repair company and take their car there. It is of no consequence as long as the vehicle is properly maintained and avoidance of neglect will ensure thousands of safe and dependable traveling miles.

Finding a good mechanic

Finding a competent auto technician need not be as difficult as one imagines. Here at GETYP.com and its local directories finding a mechanic is easy. Not only will you find their location, their operating hours and detailed qualifications but also reviews of previous customers and how they feel about the service they received. This helps ake the guess work out of finding a good mechanic.

Look for certified automotive professionals in all major technical areas of repair and service. The USA alone has in excess of 360,000 currently certified professionals working in dealerships, independent shops, collision repair shops, auto parts stores, fleets, schools and colleges across with industry-wide acceptance, reviews and recognition.

Finding Good Certified Automotive Technicians

Repair establishments with certified technicians are the best and then followed up with good positive reviews even better. Look for current licensing and bonding proudly display their place of business. Look for clean organized facilities with uniformed technicians. Some facilities also have their independent technicians displaying their issued certificates that in the customer-service areas. Businesses with a high level of commitment to ASE are entitled to a special “Blue Seal of Excellence” recognition from ASE, I.e.
As with other professionals, automotive technicians often specialize, so it’s wise to ask the shop owner or service manager for a technician who is certified in the appropriate area, such as brakes, engine repair, or air conditioning.

Look for care of taking your vehicle in and keeping it clean and safe from damage. Always get a written estimate and a written work order. Make sure you pick a facility that adheres to their estimates and work orders. Tell them you do not want any surprises and you want them to stick to their quotes. Expect them to be professional and fair priced. Remember, you don’t work for free so please don’t expect your mechanic to work for free.

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