Reach More People Than Ever Before

You may ask:

“Why do I want to advertise with and their local Directories for $1?”

Answer: The Yellow Pages continues to be the best source for consumers when looking for detailed information on businesses and local services. So, having your business listed in the GETYP online Yellow Pages directories is one necessary marketing expense for your business.

Why, what’s in it for me?

For $1 BUCK, you receive these elements and more for your company:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Company Website link
  • Company Email
  • Social Media Links
  • Business Details, includes description Products and Services, Business Hours, General Information, Payment Methods, Category
  • Coupon/s placement
  • Pictures / Images/ Gallery
  • Representation of your Video
  • Detailed Map
  • Reviews

 Today the world become accessible and we are all connected in this online world. Consumers use the internet because of convenience and because it’s a relevant means to access business information of products and services quickly. Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, GETYP and Bing, are access portals locate a wealth of available information at your fingertips.

Understanding your customer’s online analytics, help to see additional traffic from search engines as the #1 source… by a huge margin to the next medium. Typically, customers see 60 – 80% of their web traffic referred from search engines. When you study even further you will notice Yellow pages and other online directories like GETYP insures a minimum of 5% web based traffic for the majority local businesses. 5% is huge when you consider that by itself serves more than 110 billion monthly searches (comScore). That’s 1.1 Trillion searches per year.

The Yellow Pages has traditionally charged high rates to receive preferred placement in their directory and touting your R.O.I. as a good reason to spend so much. These listings aren’t cost effective for 99% of local businesses because they are just too much expenditure! Now look at and all the features offered for $1. Just think how many clients you need to recoup that cost!

It’s true, the Yellow Pages is far less relevant than it once was. Especially the offline yellow pages but is so cost effective on your traditional advertising costs, there’s no reason to stop entirely, but allocate the $1 with GETYP and place more of your advertising budget with other online marketing and web advertising methods (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.…).

The few local businesses that are still relying on the Yellow Pages online but take into consideration you R.O.I… Many companies such as local contractors, restaurants, plumbers and electricians do so benefit from a full-service directory such as Be Careful though other Online Yellow Page companies and their executives love to prey on smaller local businesses and charge them premium advertising rates. Many times, the same services offers for upwards of $800. The difference is staggering!

As our society shifts from offline to online directories consumers are increasingly using the internet whether it’s through search or social media to find businesses and local services, or from recommendations and business specific customer reviews. Sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo have responded to these searches. Google, for example, has their Google Places listings attributed to local searches. Google AdWords advertising allows small local businesses to pinpoint precise locations for their ad placements, even down to a zip code. However, an old rule of thumb solid businesses should always seek out advertising and exposure. I.e. investing $1 with has a very good chance to easily get your RETURN ON INVESTMENT, no matter what your product or services are.

So, be aggressive and place your marketing and advertising efforts where you will best connect with your target audience. When consumers go to look for your business and service they’ll be using the most accessible means of finding you. Be there for them! What is more accessible to your consumers? Their phone, tablet, or computer? Or your Online Yellow Page Directory,

Oh, and by the way even the Yellow Page companies advertises on Google to drive traffic to their online directories. Businesses must change and flow with the changes as marketing go from ONLINE from OFFLINE to continue profitably.

October 31, 2016 |


Stopping and Steering
Important Dailey Driving Safely

Today there is a growing estimation of 250 million cars and light trucks crowding our roads each day. The safety of you and that of others is at risk when your vehicle doesn’t stop and steer at its best. Reducing your vehicle’s stopping distance by inches could make the difference between a minor scare and a major accident.

Remember roads are a huge factor as well to your stopping and steering capabilities. Our infrastructure needs so much attention that would help make our travels so much safer and more pleasant. However, until then all you can do is assure that your vehicle is the best that it can be.

Colder climates with freezing temperatures creates cracks and holes in the pavement. The result can be numerous pot holes and wear imperfections that can affect the handling of your vehicle. Bad roads can cause suspension components, so vital to steering control and handling, to fail early. Good Service and maintenance slows the deuteriation process 100’s fold.

But you don’t have to be an automotive expert to keep your vehicle’s stopping and steering systems safe. Just go to and their local directories and find a great service repair facility for inspection and repairs. Legitimate companies listed here have also their feedback and reviews as part of their ad. Their consumers can peruse these detailed ads for their location and hours of operation as well.

Pay a little now, or much more later

Do not procrastinate good repair maintenance. Avoid costly repairs by not having to fix when broken due to poor maintenance. A typical brake job should only be a pad replacement. Wait to long and rotors will need replacement and maybe even the calipers. Avoid the additional costs and maintain sooner, better than later.
It is important to perform needed maintenance at the right times. Allowing the situation to blowup in an inoperative vehicle that leads you stranded.

Safety tips from for brake service:

• Pay the small extra amount for top-quality brake pads.

• Keep your rotors with plenty of material to keep the rotors round, true and smooth.

• Have the brake calipers inspected to ensure that any moving parts, such as slides and bleeder screws, are in adequate and excellent operational condition.

• Shop brake services by the company and make sure you are pleased with the overall price and level of work that the final shop will do for you. Ask for their warranty and guarantees.

• Brake hydraulic system flushing is a good consideration when servicing brakes to remove moisture and impurities from the fluid reservoir, lines, calipers and/or wheel cylinders.

• Check those rubber-type flex brake hoses and replace when they’re hard, cracked or simply old.

• Check the wheel bearings and have them services as well with good quality grease for a longer lasting parts with no failures.

• Drum brake applications, may need a new brake hardware kit installed when the brake shoes are replaced and the drums are refinished. Have your emergency brake assembly tested periodically? These are important to the overall safety of you and your passengers.

This approach to vehicle maintenance may cost more up front, but if you make the expenditure now, you can be sure that old or new your car or truck will stop in the shortest distance possible-and can steer around trouble.

November 23, 2014 |

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